Visit to Village based Rehabilitation Programme (Early Intervention)

Tmt. Jecintha Lazarus IAS, Dr. Anandakumar IAS, Shri D.Ravichandran IAS, Tmt.  Jeyasheela, Mr. Ravindhranath singh, Tmt. Sarala, and Mr. Jayaprakash, DDAWO, Tenkasi along with “RIGHTS Team “, TN Visited our service user’s house and interacted with parents and service providers (Physiotherapist, CRW) and Live demonstration of our Enabling Inclusion app was done. The team visited the following service user’s home

  1. Vetrivel, 9years old male child with Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual disability at Kanakkapillaivalasai, Tenkasi Dt.
  2. Yuvan, 4 years old male child with Autism at Kuthukalvalasai, Tenkasi Dt.

The team enquired about their child’s improvement, challenges faced by the parents. The parents expressed that after Amar Seva sangam’s team visit, their child has been progressing well with communication and physical status. They also stated that Team’s visits to their door step really beneficial for them as it is very difficult for them to carry the child every day to the center.

Field visit

Interaction with Parents of children enrolled in Early Intervention Programme

There was a Parents Awareness programme organized by Amar Seva Sangam. The parents from our 3 service areas namely Tenkasi, Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi participated in this programme.

The Team interacted with parents of children with special needs and asked about their feedback on Homebased programme. Few Parents enquired about getting an advanced Hearing Aid for their child. The disability secretary instructed Mr. Jayaprakash, DDAWO, Tenkasi to make a necessary action.

Interaction with Specialists Team and Community Rehabilitation Workers(CRWs)

The team interacted with Specialists Team (Physiotherapists, Special Educators and Speech Trainers) and Community rehabilitation workers who are working in 3 districts. They questioned about mobile application usage and challenges in Field based work.

The team Interrogated on the following:

  1. How the scheduling for school going children is done and how the family education was delivered to the parents of school going children.
  2. Identification of the children, Screening procedures, Therapy follow up protocols.
  3. Challenged faced by the staff.
  4. Challenges in Network and Commuting.

Staff answered and shared their experiences to the above questions.

Parents Interaction
Staff Interaction

Amar Seva Sangam Campus Visit

The team visited the following sections:

  • Inclusive School
  • Early Intervention Centre
  • Medical Evaluation Unit
  • Rehabilitation Centre
  • Spinal Injured rehabilitation center
  • Special School
  • Tele rehabilitation Session

 The Commissioner distributed assistive devices to our residential children with developmental disabilities.

Case Management Tool - EI App Discussion

Amar Seva Sangam’s IT team lead Mrs. Kalyani Rajeshwaran gave introduction about the Enabling Inclusion app. And also, she explained about the Process flow, various standardized scales and assessments, various management Dashboards, Staff monitoring, Tracking children’s progress and Methods of evaluation. And live assessment demo was given by the specialists.

Our secretary Mr. Sankara Raman presented about our entire rehabilitation services and Scale up of our Enabling Inclusion App throughout Tamil Nadu.

All the questions raised by the team was clarified by our secretary, IT Team Lead and Chief Financial Officer.

AT distribution
EI App Demo
Tool Discussion
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