Purple Fest in Goa

Amar Seva Sangam team along with our President & Secretary at Purple Fest 2023, Goa held on
January 6 th , 7 th & 8 th . Our Hon. Secretary Mr. Sankara Raman gave presentation about our Enabling
Inclusion App® to disability commissioners of various states of India and participated panel
discussion in self-employment. A total of 12 Staff members which includes Physiotherapists, Special
Educators, Community Developmental workers & Engineers participated in the event.
India’s first-of-its-kind inclusivity festival, “Purple Fest: Celebrating Diversity,” was organised by the
Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Goa organized the Purple Fest event.
This is first-of-its-kind inclusive festival in India that embraces and celebrates persons with
disabilities. The Purple Fest aims to showcase how we can come together to create a welcoming &
inclusive world for everyone. The festival includes engaging panel discussions, artistic live
performances, grand exhibitions, & immersive experience zones.
All events were more interesting, to name the few:
1. Blind car Rally, Blind cricket, Bird walk where we can visit the different variety of birds
gather in a pace at a particular time.
2. Accessible Miramar Beach where they have a fantastic separate accessible vehicle for the
PWDs to go into the sea & experience it.
3. Moving screen: We are much impressed about this. because the normal people & the PWDs
can together watch the movie with the sign language interpreter & background the audio
explanation for the movie scenes with no audio. That was amazing & we enjoyed the
We are elated the Purple Fest was covered in detail in Mann Ki Baat. A great moment for all the Persons with Disabilities.


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