45% of children with disabilities in Tamil Nadu do not attend school compared to 3% of all children” Ref: World Bank’s Report

Children with disabilities should be provided inclusive schooling without any barriers or discrimination with equal opportunities for learning. This will make the children to realize their full potential.  The goal of Amar seva Sangam is that “No child should be denied of schooling experience because of disability”.

42 yrs of Inclusive Education | 6117 Students Educated | Modern Infrastructure | Current Strength 688 | 644 Students with Disabilities Educated.

Providing inclusive education means, adaptive curriculums and different pedagogy to suit the disability condition of a particular child. This also involves rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy, special education, speech training, occupational therapy and so on depending upon the challenges the child is facing. Most families in rural areas are unable to get access to this rehabilitation because of the dearth of such rehab professionals, distant communities, the cost involved in getting the services and the livelihood compulsions of the family.

What if the child is not provided inclusive education? 

If the child is not provided inclusive education, this will lead to profound exclusion of the child, burden on the family to maintain the child for its life and the resulting poverty.

What Amar Seva Sangam is doing for this purpose?

We have developed a technology leveraged solution to reach the rehabilitation to every child in a family centered approach whereby the rehabilitation becomes a part of the lifestyle of the child and the technology drives the rehabilitation program as a system-based approach. Training the classroom teachers and giving them the awareness about disability and how to teach the education to these children with special needs and challenges is the way forward to make the school education accessible for the children with disabilities.

What is the delivery system?

Inclusive education is offered by us through Siva Saraswathy Vidyalaya inside our organization from Nursery to 12th Standards where more than 59 children with disabilities and 608 other children are given quality education at an affordable cost to support the rural and economically background society. This is a rare opportunity for children with disabilities are thought along with other children who promote amity, adjustment and cooperation among them.

How you can support?

You can support inclusive education of disabled students in our school by sponsoring any one of the donation schemes for study, sports and overall skill development of children. This will go a long way in empowering the disabled with a strong foundation to lead their life.

Sponsor the beneficiary

Education Schemes Amount (in INR)
School uniform and Kits per child for one year
Education of one child for one month
Yearly Accommodation of a Residential Scholar
Education of one child for Six month
Education of one children for 1 year
Education of two children for 1 year
Education of three children for 1 year
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