Opening New Horizons: Our Institutional Ethical Committee Approval

We are delighted to share an exciting milestone that promises to significantly enhance our mission at Amar Seva Sangam With great pride, we announce our recent achievement of receiving approval from the Government of India for Institutional Ethical Committee for  Research work.This approval is not just a formal acknowledgment; it represents a pivotal moment for us, enabling a broader exploration and deeper understanding of disabilities through our research efforts.

Expanding Research, Demonstrating Impact

The sanction from the Ethical Committee empowers us to delve into comprehensive research across all areas of disabilities. Our institutional ethical board is now equipped to oversee ambitious projects that aim to uncover new insights, improve interventions, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. This research will not only contribute valuable knowledge to the field but also showcase the tangible impact of our work to the world.

Knowledge Transition and Strengthening Credibility

Moreover, this approval facilitates a seamless transition of knowledge from our research to practical applications and public awareness initiatives. By disseminating our findings and insights through various platforms and outreach programs, we aim to enlighten both the public and the academic community about the challenges and opportunities within the realm of disabilities.
This process of knowledge transition is crucial. It not only informs and educates but also solidifies our position as a credible and genuine advocate for the disabled community. Our commitment to ethical research and the dissemination of knowledge underscores our dedication to making a difference.

A Future Built on Integrity and Trust

Looking ahead, the backing of the Ethical Committee amplifies our ability to engage with a wider audience, including potential partners, donors, and policymakers.
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